Must-Have Women Style Accessories

Revamp your wardrobe with these essentials to add attitude, sparkle and colour!

We all love the hottest trends but sometimes less is more. A collection of perfect “grab-and-go” items that pull your ensemble together will save you the stress and expense of last minute panic buying.

Our suggestions for quality accessories will make your closet staples—the little black dress, a black blazer, black pants and a crisp white shirt—pop with glamour. Add “wow” to your wardrobe with these 20 easy and essential accessories.

1. Bold sunglasses
More than just a fashion accessory, sunglasses are a year-round necessity that protects eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Choose sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of UVB and UVA rays. Check out types of sunglasses for your face shape.

2. Statement necklace
Instead of traditional pearls, try a big dramatic necklace. Choose designs that marry your personal style with the latest colour trends. Petite women should opt for less bulk and choose a pop of colour. We recommended a short necklace for T-shirts and a longer length to dress up a blouse.

3. Nude pumps
Want to add inches to your height? Nude-colored pumps make anyone’s legs look longer. They also add a touch of elegance and coordinate with everything.

4. Sexy strappy sandal
Another shoe in your footwear arsenal should be a sexy strappy sandal with a mid-height heel that carries through day and night. If you’re feeling bold, choose one in a standout shade like red.

5. Casual leather boots
A casual pair of leather boots is must-have footwear. We love a flat or low-heeled riding boot. Styles with a touch of bling are fabulous with a pencil skirt or with skinny jeans tucked inside.

6. Dressy watch
Let’s face it, evening bags are small. When deciding between a cell phone and make-up your phone may need the evening off. A well-appointed watch will help remind you not to stay out too late.

7. Black evening clutch
Like the little black dress, the simple black clutch, in satin, kid leather or reptile, will provide years of loyal service if cared for properly.

8. Glitzy neutral evening wrap
Nothing spoils the look of a fabulous outfit faster than gooseflesh up your arms. A lightweight wool wrap with a hint of sparkle will provide just the right warmth on a chilly night.

9. Belt it out
Chain-link belts are edgy and versatile. Choose a belt length that can cinch at the waist or hips when wearing low-rise jeans.

10. Shapewear
Thigh slimmers and waist nippers—no, we’re not talking about plastic surgeons. Shapewear is for smoothing bumps and bulges. A full slip with a built-in bra is the perfect choice under cocktail and evening dresses. For day and evening pants, try a waist-to-knee panty.

11. Printed scarf
Scarves add panache and come in handy when you don’t have an umbrella in the rain. Choose a silky fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin and a design that coordinates with at least half the colours in your wardrobe. An animal-print scarf works with both jeans and office attire.

12. Vintage brooch
Vintage accessories are fun to seek out in shops and spark interesting conversations. We love retro pins because they work on lapels or hold a scarf in place.

13. Opaque hosiery
Shaving one’s legs with less than adequate sleep leads to unsightly nicks. Keep black and brown opaque tights or hosiery on hand for days when grooming time evaporates.

14. Timeless hat
A 1920s-style cloche hat has a soft, classic shape that flatters any face. Colourful felt or knit caps are fashion-forward and functional in winter. For summer, choose a floppy straw hat that provides sun protection. Also, check out 7 fashionable hats every fashion-conscious woman must own.

15. Carry-all handbag
A large sturdy bag with a cross-body strap provides secure hands-free maneuverability, an essential for active moms who are always pulling something out to keep children occupied. These handy accessories have sections to hold a notebook computer or tablet, too.

16. Chunky bracelet
Cheap chic is smart and stylish. Find a modestly priced bracelet such as a wide-bangle in the season’s hottest color to brighten your wrist and pull together an ensemble.

17. Polka-dot hair ribbons & bows
Add a bit of whimsy to your wardrobe with polka-dot hair accessories. Check out fabric stores for colored ribbons and experiment with making bows in different sizes and shapes. Handcrafted hair accessories are the ultimate in personal style because you made them yourself.

18. Expandable carry-on luggage
Pack all your accessories inside a piece of carry-on luggage. Don’t let a poor choice trip-up your travel plans. Think lightweight material, 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels and handles on several sides for pulling and lifting. Before purchasing, read air carrier specifications.
High-tech fashion statements
You are no Plain Jane and neither are your personal digital devices. Vamp up your Geek Chic by working these essentials into your style mix:

19. Cell-phone case
Today’s decorated and embellished cell-phone cases say a lot about who you are as a fashionista. And remember that style counts even when at the gym. To listen to your music when exercising, look for a brightly colored waterproof cell-phone case that straps to your arm. It keeps music close and protected from moisture.

20. Solar-charging backpack
Ditch the diaper bag and opt for a renewable power source. Carry your child’s belongings and have power for personal devices at all times.

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