Gift Ideas that Make Shopping for Your Favorite Couple Easy

1. For Morning People

If they’re the type that are up and out before the sun even rises, get them a sleek and efficient coffee machine to enhance their morning routine.

2. For New Homeowners

Did the pair just move into their first home? Kick off the decorating process with the perfect doormat.

3. For Aspiring Chefs

They’ll love coordinating aprons for future cooking sessions that are totally in-synch.

4. For a Pair of Romantics

They’ll be all set for their next outing with this two-person picnic set, complete with cutlery, plates, glasses, tableware—even a fleece blanket!

5. For Sentimentalists

This classic polaroid camera is a trendy way for any couple to capture a precious moment, from adventures abroad to nights out with friends.

6. For Pet Owners

If they’re the kind of couple that’s obsessed with their pup, this adorable knit dog hoodie is just as much a gift for them as it is for their pooch.

7. For Party People

This portable speaker will allow for a fun-loving couple to bring the party with them everywhere.

8For Adventurers

It’s not just décor for the coffee table; it’s inspiration for their next adventure. Kath Stather’s beautiful book features international listing of beaches, museums, monuments, mountains, islands and more.

9For the Always-Texting Duo

The Lovebox offers a new way of sending messages in the digital realm that could even be better than a text. It connects to WiFi so you can send special notes from your device, wherever you are in the world, to your loved ones.

10For the Snugglers

Because nothing beats cuddling, especially when a fuzzy blanket is involved.

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